Monday, March 17, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Updates

Malaysian Dreamgirl has moved another step further by calling the top 12 girls into the dreamhouse. All of them has a complete make-over by professional stylishs, you can view them here.


Catch the latest 3rd and 4th episodes here.

Di you were right!! Ringo was out initially, but she was chosen to replace one finalist who pulled out due to personal issue.

When Ringo was eliminated during the last audition, she made some really bad comments for the judges as well as other finalists on her blog. "Now I can confirm that they are really blind!! (Or at least their contact lenses expired and grew fungus.) There are a couple of girls whom I think were so totally undeserving actually made it. Like hello, what were the judges thinking?!" source taken from Ringo's blog

The chinese has a really good phrase "做人不要太绝,凡事留一线,日后好相见!"
meaning that "one should not be too cruel, instead try to give in whenever possible, in a hope of getting some benefits out of it!"

For me, it is defintely not wrong for this gal to make comments on her experinece in malaysian dreamgirls but she might have made a biggest mistake by accepting the offer to be one of the top 12 finalist. It is a NONO if you have commented something to be bad, but right now you are exactly into it. "You see, I really am not very happy about the result. I’m not at all disappointed that I didn’t get in, after all I didn’t think I deserve a place in the top 12 since I actually think that the judges were blind when they let me through the first audition." source taken from Ringo's blog

As a result, some of the finalists were not really happy about ringo's return. And what about the judges?

Im afraid that i cannot continue the same flow from my previous post - vote for malaysian dreamgirls. A shocking news revealed yesterday that Jean Fong had withdrew herself from Malaysian Dreamgirl. She said in her facebook that she has chosen to continue to pursue her pharmacy course and to spend more time with her family. "I have chosen to devote more time to my studies and my family... After much deliberation, I have decided to withdraw from the Malaysian Dreamgirl contest. It comes with little heavy heart, but a sense of optimism of my future." source taken from facebook

Shaolintiger, an official blogger to blog about Malaysian Dreamgirl has commented that Jean was the best speaker among the top 12 finalist. Dont you think so too?

However, the most potential winner from the top 12 girls was officially out. OuCCccchHHhhhHH!!!

We cannot judge whether Jean has made the best choice out of the right choices or not. But what we can conclude is that her absence in Malaysian Dreamgirl will definitely be the biggest lost in the show.

On the other hand, kennysia's order of getting the girls to dress up in the sexiest outfit for a photoshoot session has turned them to be more competitive.

"Modelling isnt about selling your body" source taken from kennysia from one of the audition video.

How can it be not?

Source taken from cheeserland

Yes, it is very true that every model need to show off his/her superb body figure in order to secure their place in modelling and hence, advertisers would choose them to display the products.

But what is the limit in the industry of modelling? We cannot draw any conclusion out of it mainly because different individuals see it in different aspects.

Note : Vote for your dreamgirls and show your support by sending sms today!
"Every week models with the lowest votest will get eliminated"
Check the details regarding voting here.

A year ago, my bro joined modelling for at least 6 months during his pre-university at KBU. He was chosen to display smart connection products during the prom night. Spot him here!

But sorry. Im against it! To my wife and future kids, sorry im against it! lolz.


Anonymous said...

haha...if only you know Cheesie well,
the judges are blind is just her sarcastic way of saying...try to read some of her older post,she's such a witty humorous fun girl,and i think her going back to mdg is definitely not wrong...just look at her comments box,and her hits counter...

ti3nD said...

thks for dropping by.

well, mayb that is just the way she used to write and she didnt mean it.

but what about the judges? There is still 'this thing' inside them rite?

well, fair enough, ringo is one of the 11 contestants left, and with huge supports, she will definitely get through till later stages.

Anonymous said...

I definitely hope that Ringo will make it to the finals - she's quite cute & funny whom many guys might like as a girlfriend, I think.

ti3nD said...

now is voting for dreamgirl for malaysia larh, not ur own gf lerh @_@

my prediction = with massive supporters, she will get through geh.

Anonymous said...

very true...Cheesie is cute and funny but she doesnt has qualities of a model.
Moreover, she was mean and full of jealousy when she commented on other finalists. Who is she to make such a judgement?

ti3nD said...

haha. true also. her height abit problematic larh. and many have commented about her fake accent too? @_@

MDG gg larh. no hope liao.

pamsong said...

She's freaking short lor. But she's got assets lah. I'll give her that. =p

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