Friday, April 25, 2008

Study break

Its almost the end of the 3rd week of study break dy. Exams in another... erm.... 11days? @_@

I didnt sleep well last night. Kept rolling on my bed for sooooooooo long until i realised that my alarm was about to ring at 7.30am. and i damn hate those SEI GAUS - keep bising early in the morning. OMG. im not even sure whether did i sleep the whole night or not? @___@




I have them all bah. ---_____---""

On the other hand, 3 lucky ones are about to enter the malaysian dreamgirls final. The first malaysian dreamgirl reality show is calling an end in another month time. 3 finalists are chosen by the public - Adeline, Cindy and Hanis. Who is gonna win? Lets predict the final 2 first - Cindy and Hanis to enter MDG grand final?

Itu dia - SEI GAU! I spotted one in the evening.

OIIIIIII dont kacau lerh. I need my precious sleeping time larh. DENG :P

Sei gau = Seagull

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