Friday, April 11, 2008

A shocking news - Shilpa Lee

About 10days ago, there was this shocking confession by Sufiah Yusof a.k.a. Shilpa Lee with News of the World that the child math genius from malaysia is now working her career as a prostitute.

The news was reported on thestar newspapers as well :

"PETALING JAYA: Sufiah Yusof, the child Maths genius who won a place at Oxford University when she was just 13, has been found to be working as a prostitute, according to a report in London’s News of the World." source taken from thestar online

It was reported that she had a traumatic childhood, forcing to stay concentration under cold temparature by her dad (who is a professor).

"And she was still haunted by her hellish childhood—subjected to her father Farooq’s Accelerated Learning Technique where she studied maths day in day out in rooms kept freezing cold to improve her concentration."

She has a very good earning now, but is it the right path for her?

"In March 2008, a reporter working undercover for the News of the World found her advertising as a prostitute quoting a rate of £130 an hour." source taken from wikipedia.

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Kenny Choo said...

The maths genius really left everyone speechless. But normally extraordinary kids like this do not have great future as what we all foresee because of all the unwanted publicity and all...

But there's some which are damn good when they grow up.