Friday, April 18, 2008

13 year old virgin for sale

2 days ago, i read up the old news regarding the tree man from indonesian. It was said that he had suffered the huge-tree-like growth warts for 20 years. But now, he is able to use his hands and walk without pain, all thanks to medic from the united state who offered him vitamin A treatment. At least 4lbs of warty horns were removed from his feet and legs. And guess what? He has become one sudoko addict now!

Besides reading on him, i came across another interesting news - "For sale : 13-year old virgin". I went on reading the entire article to find out that Indian girls living near Taj Mahal eventually grow up to become prostitues as a routine pathway. The girl's first time is most valuable and they are known as 'premium' for the rich businessman.

In order to survive, the girls are willing to accept a service charge for as low as 1.30 pounds. Also, there are some of them who claimed that they are uniquely beautiful and have the 'potentials', in which they only accept bids higher than 40,000 rupees (600pounds).

"The normal rate is 100 rupees (£1.30) but a virgin is sold to the highest bidder for anything over 20,000 rupees. If she is very pretty, the community would hope to get up to 40,000 rupees. For this, the man can have access to the girl for as long as he likes - several hours, days, or even weeks. " source taken from telegraph uk

The number of daily customers that these girls normally accepted was a big shock. It is very pitiful and sad to hear that Rita, a 13 year old child have decided her journey to be a prostitute.

"But in avoiding making chapatis, Nita has signed up to a life in which she will deal with 20 to 30 clients per day, until she reaches her forties. After that, when she is no longer considered desirable, she will depend on any children she may have for support." source taken from telegraph uk

It is their decision to step into prostitution. Might it be the best solution for them? Just like the case of the math genius, Shilpa Lee who decided to quit her master in Oxford university and chose her career as a prostitute, we never gonna know whehter they have made the right/wrong choice.

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