Saturday, April 26, 2008

No internet for 2 days liao

If you have an extra 5 pounds and you have absolutely no idea on what to do about it, perhaps you could do this :

Buy 2 pieces of deep pan carlos pizza (99 pence each), and 2 stone baked carlos pizza for 1.49 pound and one tub of soft scoop vanilla ice cream for 1.19 pounds.

Total = 99pence x 2 + 1.49 + 1.19 = about 4.70 pounds

AND then what do you do with them????

SHaring = Caring

Yeah, so SHARE THEM WITH all your housemates would be a good idea.

We had 2 big pizzas as snack during last midnight. They tasted so great. And we still have 2 more pieces to go for another night.

How was the idea?

- End of the pizza story -


About 40% - 45% of us are affected with this "NO INTERNET CONNECTION" for almost 2 days dy. This is the second day liao. We have totally no idea of what is going wrong and it came up just so random. There are maybe one or two person in each house which have got no connection to the internet. Some of them chose to move their comp out to the living room and stay connected with wireless (need a little tricks there), but since i cant get connected that way, i prefer to online here in the library with the speed of at least 10times faster.


Life without internet = ZZZZZZZzzz

Lets hope that some IT people will work on it after the weekend bah.

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