Friday, April 18, 2008

Sizzling hot beancurd

H3-J2 living room was decorated for the first time by the proffesionals - aka Ss members on last sunday for the celebration of ah moi's 23rd burfday.

And there is this particular night where the house of H3 and J2 BOTH coincidentally cooking Chinese-Sizzling-Beancurd as one of the dishes for dinner.

It is show time :

H3 sizzling beancurd


J2 sizzling beancurd

So, which one do you like more?

I can assure you that they tasted really GREAT. Back to home, my mum also dont cook this sizzling japanese style beancurd erh! So, whoever interested, maybe you can try out the noobies' 7 steps to cook sizzling beancurd recipe as below :

1) Heat up 1x chinese/japanese beancurd (available from chungying) for 5mins, 350 watt microwave
2) prepare some minced chicken/pork
3) Marinate with soy sauce + oyster sauce and cook them
4) Add some water and some corn flour to make the sauce
5) Heat up a new frying pan, make sure your pan is really REALLY hot, add some sesame oil and add in 2eggs
6) Add up the cooked minced chicken/pork, together with all the beancurd into the hot sizzling pan with the eggs.
7) Ready to be served

And there you go, your sizzling-hot-so-delicious-beancurd :)


Kenny Choo said...

Haha should put like lotsa chili in it.

ti3nD said...

ermmm...really? neva try that before. but our sizzling toufus are really great :P lolz.