Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Money money MOney!

Our graduation day is set, 30th of June 2008 at 3pm @ Barony Hall.

"All students hoping to graduate or be presented MUST enrol to graduate by completing a form and paying the appropriate fee."

Download the available forms here and grab your 30 pounds before proceeding to the registry.The dateline is 2nd of May.

Each of us is provided with 2 guest tickets and any extras will enter in a ballot draw system to see our luck. Guests without tickets are welcome to view the ceremony on the live video link, the location of which will be confirmed in your Graduation Information pack.

I went to pay my graduation fees today and asked about the accomodation stuffs, only to find out that -

WAHLAN yeah, damn headache!!

This place is available this time, but not available another time. JBC will be available until 6th of june but we will be going to spain on the 4th. Then Birkbeck available from 7th but you cant book the whole flat = meaning you and your friends will be randomly placed. Only can book for whole flat after 20th june. WAHLAN. so many things to fan about. @_@

Its really funny. Every single thing is costing us damn freaking alot of MONEY! $$$$$$$$$$$$$

The fees to graduate are as followed :

£30 to graduate in person
£15 to graduate "in absentia"


Robe hiring available @ here.

It costs 34 pounds to hire a set of gown for a day! freaking ex hor?

and gona rent a knitted skirt as well! or buy one? Deng!!! $$$$$$$$$$


P/s :

1) its 14 days left to Final exams >__<
2) Its exactly one month left to the last day of Final exams, YipPpppEE!
3) Its about 68 more days to graduation :P

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