Tuesday, April 15, 2008

preview - ah moi's 23rd burfday

So we had a celebration today for wong ah moi's 13th, no 23rd burfday.

I was told that she was 'kidnapped' from 2 floors above and eventually came to my living room for her to get all the big SURPRISES!

Another ah moi's initial plan to kidnap wong ah moi was totally a FAILURE coz all the guys ffk-ied her. Paiseh lorh. @_@

Anyway, with some gal's powers, she was brought down to H3-J2 living room, with a big rubbish bag :

I didnt take a single photo for today since i was the late comers of the night. I need all the food pics pls! who ever has it and read my blog, pm me pls.
p/s: PM = private message! :)


Since we have one nice XoXo handbag and One purse, we thought to act like what the models in America's Next Top Models did. Maybe we succeeded in the commercial and catalogue poses?? You can watch the full video here.

p/s: please do forgive me as i never watch a single episode of ANTM before, and i only saw the following pic when i came online minutes ago. Source taken from ping pogz'.

How about the 'Couture' pose?

We know we suck big time. Back to reality and we had one last normal picture with the burfday gal and her ah moi to call off the night.

Happie burfday wong ah moi!

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