Monday, March 31, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl

Anyone else still with Malaysian Dreamgirls lately?

Episode 7 and episode 8 have just been uploaded recently. You can watch them here.

There is this blogging contest hosted by nuffnang, and i submitted my entries on Vote for Malaysian Dreamgirls and Malaysian Dreamgirls Updates several weeks ago.

The blog contest winners results are released, and out of my surprise, my first entry have won me pre-loaded rm100 ambank credit card.

A hearty congratulations to all the bloggers who won for their blog entry. We have read and appreciate all the blog entries we received. Thank you to all for the invaluable inputs and congratulations once again. Keep on blogging, bloggers! ;-)"


From the top 12 malaysian dreamgirls, Jean was the first to pull out before the first elimination round due to her exams.

Next, from the previous round, Natasha was voted out, Alison was voted out too.

So there are top 9 left.




Unexpectedly, Valerie is out this time.

Again, Cindy and Eyna were in the bottom 3. However, Valerie has gone home this week.

Nothing from MDG impress me this time, but there was some bitching going on as kenny have said.

Gals can be a very interesting subject, as well as being a very dangerous subject. When come to bitching, they can be so great - talking the bad of each other at the back, and now talking bad COMES LIVE @ MDG ONLINE!

A funny quote from kenny :

"Quote of the week: That "in du poh" (Indian lady)-referring to Alison *so bad*!"

There were alot of hatred among the gals. The very first story began when Ringo made some straight forward comments on her blog - cheeserland. The problem might have settled down at this time and she seems to have some good time getting nicely with the rest, as given the fact that she is the only chinese staying with the 'big gang' right now.

There was interesting comment from shaolintiger -

"As for the politics, there are two bedroom in the house it started off with one of 7 and one of 5, the 7 is now 6 and the 5 has become 2! It was ok in the beginning until one room overheard the other room gossiping about them, since then it's been somewhat divided.

As for the gangs it was Jean, Cindy, Valerie, Adeline and 3 of them are gone it's only left Cindy and Adeline, so they feel a bit left out and Adeline keeps out of it pretty much.

The first target was Ringo for what she wrote on her blog (that all seems to be settled now), the second target was Valerie for various reasons (she's out now) and the current target is Cindy.

Most of it is petty stuff, money, tomatoes, jeans etc..pretty interesting to hear it from their mouths though and also the difference between the stories when you ask two different people about the same 'incident'. "

Another blogger, Wen Qi commented that Cindy actually helped valerie to B*tch about the other gals from the contest. I wonder what they others will feel when the *secret letter* is reveal later on?

"Oh oh!! I also forgotten to add that uhmm.. when we left.. Su Ann was asked by Cindy to pass something to Stewie. It was a letter for all the girls from Valerie after she got eliminated. Ooooh oooooh wtf. I myself do not know what was Cindy's intention of giving us the letter. Weirddddd...."


There will only be ONE winner in the end of the MDG contest. Wouldnt you want to win? It is human's nature to be so selfish at times, to sacrifice friendships, or perhaps to fake that friendship out. Of cause, there are happy moments to be together, but before a decision made by the public to eliminate one contestant each week, you have to perform your best to stand out among the rest! That is the golden rule of competition.

I conducted a very small size (N=35) poll on my blog, lasted for 10 days, and the results came out to side 2 gals out of the top 9's left from the previous week. I doubted my results since it was only a very small size sruvey.

Fiqa and Ringo both shared the top place with 8 votes each out of the total 35 votes.

So what do you think?

Who deserve to win based on my mini poll?


Its left with the Top 8 gals now, one to be the Dreamgirl of Malaysia soon. What are you gonna do with your Rm 1??

To cast a vote or to buy secucuk
of fishball from pasar malam?


Kenny Choo said...

Haha reality shows = scandals. Original or scripted? Lolz

ti3nD said...

lolz. no bother. just see how it goes bah.

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