Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Final

The grand final for MDG is just 2 days away from now. It will be held in ONE utama on tuesday and the official results shall be announced at 6.30pm, Malaysia time (which equals to 11.30am glasgow time). The super MDG fans of mine, kenny choo will sure attend this big event wan lorh. And since my soh poh and housemates might be going there as well, so theoretically i shall receive the results on time. LOLZ.

So who will win OhhhhH???

IS it Margaret phua from Phua chu kang's show?

i think Cindy has 50% of chance to win this MDG thing.

Or is it the the muk duk poh, who might follow amber chia's footsteps and win the challenge?

Adeline has almost 0% to win. aiiihz.

And finally, will the winner be the skinny datin of malaysia?


Hanis has the equal chance of 50% to win this MDG. Everybody seem to like her. Mayb because she has really change from picture 2 to picture 1? Voting based on picture number 2 is a big NO NO NO!

And thks to this kenny sia, who posted damn funny pics up on his blog. He is trying to act out the 3 girls as shown below :

So who will win OhhhhH???

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