Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Still in Process -_-"

So, 13 days has passed since i had my interview at SPA. I called and managed to get to Pn/Cik Zamzarina during my first try at 10.20am this morning. I was so surprised that my call got through (i tried calling many times yesterday afternoon but failed, as usual). And so she checked, then her response was nothing special than what i expected 'ohh, its still in process, we are upgrading our system, you will get your offer letter in a short time.' WALAOYEAH. Now i am talking about my OFFER LETTER you know, not posting letter. CELAKA betul! FINE.

Anyway, one good news to share was that the petrol price is lower by 10 sen, effective from today!

PETALING JAYA: Petrol and diesel prices at the pump are down 10 sen today, with RON97 petrol at RM1.90 a litre and RON92 petrol and diesel at RM1.80.

A few months ago, the petrol price was as high as RM 2.70/litre.

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