Thursday, December 04, 2008

Offer letter is on its way

This morning i rang SPA office to look for pn/cik zamzarina again. This time i spoke in english to pretend that i am a different person. So today i finally got a proper and more secure response. The offer letter was posted yesterday and she said it WILL BE ARRIVED next week. So i asked her, isnt it posted by pos laju?? She said no, if it is within kl/selangor area, they will post by pos normal. The unlucky one like myself just wasted 2 weeks (already, could be more) for absolutely nothing.


dap said...

Hi Tien!

Happy anniversary to you and the lovely miss. :) So teruk one hor, why your offer letters so late one. Anyway, take care. And do, enjoy yourself before work.

ti3nD said...

Dap gima!!!! thks!!!! yeap i have heard too many complains regarding working. im enjoying myself now. hehe. You too, enjoy urself there!!! good to see that you actually speak mandarin to the patient! wow!!!! take care yeah! :)