Sunday, November 30, 2008

When will i get my offer letter?

I had my job interview with spa last thursday. By right, they should have given us the offer letter at the end of the interview. However, Cik Zamzarina asked us to go back and wait for the posting letter to be posted by POS LAJU. Even wenjiun from Sabah was told to put down her KL address. Luckily she didnt.

Well, so one day by one day, after 4 days, there is still no sign of the offer letter. Then i called cik/puan zamzarina. So she told me there is an upgrading going on, all the offer letter were with hold. I called again on Friday, Cik/Puan Zamzarina told me "MUNGKIN akan dapat minggu depan". YA RIGHT! In order to minimise the waiting time, I went to Lembaga Farmasi to fill in borang I but i was told that they will start to process my documents ONLY when they have received the verified offer letter.

I finally met most of my friends in kl/pj yesterday night. Tadaeng ---> Qris, wenjiun, kahyee, luyi, vyeaw, su miin and adam! Midvalley was so crowded yesterday! Later only i found out that it was the first day of mega sales + saturday. We had our dinner in Italianese at the Gardens. The food was not bad but they didnt amaze me. The portion size is really big. No more voting for italian meal next time please!

Everyone who is working is complaining of their work. It was either too busy or too free. They were complaining of working OT or were called to 'ON CALL' during christmas break. They also advised those who just started to apply like adam and myself to enjoy more before get posted and start working. Heard working in BIRO has nothing to do AT ALL one?

After that, we had an earlier birthday celebration for wenjiun at Zen.

24th birthday hahaha!

And a group picture of all of us :


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