Friday, December 05, 2008

ADV - Dragon Coupon Code

From the playlist above, i really love the way the author translated his speech into words easily.

Nowadays, blogging has become a very popular activity for leisure time. People blog for making money and also for personal purposes. Blogging has become one thing common in many of us. It is actually fun and interesting to share with each other via blogging.

I am quite free and so i tried out many new features in blogging. What would you like to have in order to improve your Blogging efforts? As for me, i would think that a good theme design is essential. The theme must suits you and your contents must suit the theme as well. The theme generally portraits the owner of the blog, his personalities, his styles and his uniqueness. Next, i would like to have a new logo that portraits me well. It can be a company logo or something that people easily remember once they see it. The next one will be some softwares to help me in blogging. Word count tool is something very useful for me. I used it to do a quick word count for my post everytime. Another usefull software would be a statistics counter, where it helps you to monitor the amount of trafficsto your blog daily. Of course, you would want to install a chat-box widget on your blog so that people or visitor can drop you a comment when they feel to.

Recently i came across this useful software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. The softwares is not free but you can get them with a reasonable price with the coupon codes available below.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

I have watched the video and it seems to be a very useful tool in Blogging. It is about turning your talk into text! It is proven to work effectively with minimum errors. It would definitely be included in the top 3 for my wish list for Blogging.

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