Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ADV - Online gaming Neo Shifters

What do you normally do during your free time? Is it shopping, watching television or going online? As for me, i love computer games. Computer games can be very addictive, a gamer tends to sit infront of the computer for hours continuously, thus a new system that implements educational criterias in gaming is essential. There are benefits for gaming also. Nowadays, online gaming is getting very popular, where it connects people around the world to enter the server and play online games at the same time. Gamers will interact with each other rather than playing a game alone. There are times where it requires teamwork and it is essential to form a group/clan, train together and requires best coordination between members in order to win a battle.

I have came across this interesting MMORPG known as NEO Shifters. It is completely free to play, with an option to purchase vip statues for add on bonuses. It is simple to start, all you need is to register a free account and start picking a character that suits you. The 2 main groups are Templars and Paladins. You can either select to be evil, destructive, greedy, wasteful, mischievous, manupulative and dangerous in the Templars group. Or you can choose Paladins group with the good-man characteristics such as driven, intelligent, resourceful, resilent, heroic, pure, brave and good. Then each group is subdivided into 4 sub categories, namely defender, bomber, warrior and sniper. As for me, i have chosen chosen a bomber with high power from the Templars group. Throughout the game, you can customize your character with weapons and skills. Your character will earn experiences and levels by completing many different exciting mini-games. I have included 2 screenshots as below.

Upgrade your character by installing additional gadgets, armor or weapons. The best thing that i like about this game is that it allows me to combat individually or in gangs with my friends. So people, do register and join me in the combat of Neo Shifters.


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