Saturday, December 13, 2008

ADV - Use the same products

Nowadays, social networking has become very popular, whether it is to the working adult or teenagers. It is the place where people spend their leisure time to make new friends and learn about new stuffs. Popular sites including friendster, bebo and facebook. Today i came across this new interesting similar social networking site - it is called acobay. It is a place for people to show off the gadgets they owned, because by showing off something that you owned, you get to find people with similar interest. Showing off your dreamed car to your friends is not the way, the right place for you is Here, you can show your dreamed stuffs to the world. You can easily upload a picture and subsequently, write a short review to tell the world why you like this product so much, how much is the product or even write about why you dislike this product. is a site to connects you with people who use the same computer, people who visit the same restaurant, people who like the same shopping mall, people who play the same online game, people who drink the same tea and many more. Registration will takes less than 1 minute. It is really quite intersting sometime to find a person who likes the same things, loves the same car and also has the same hobbies with you.

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