Monday, December 01, 2008

Easy RM100 from I-respondent

Survey is the best way to earn quick money. For those of you who lives in KL/Selangor, check out I-respondent. Ask me for an invitation, Register under me to help me earn 10 points, each survey that you participated will earn you Rm 80 - RM 150 + 50 points, where 100 points can be traded for a RM 25 jaya jusco/RM 25 kfc voucher. Isnt that great? It wont be a secure way to earn money but it is definitely some bonus money that one can earn.

Lauweeyeaw was the first person to brought me into this survey job! Arigato!

I had joined several surveys from i-respondent before i went to glasgow. And i was so lucky to be chosen for one digi prepaid survey today. It was a 2 hours discussion at Menara UOB, damansara height.

Before the survey, we were served with domino's pizza and some soft drinks. Then the 2hours survey began. Today's topic was related to telecommunication service providers, namely digi, hotlink and celcom. We were given some pictures ranged from ah chai fishing to ah moi dancing, ah pek dressing traditionally, ah mah having dinner with family and etc, then we were asked to group them according to digi, hotlink or celcom. We were asked to draw digi and hotlink into a person for us. Wah, this drawing task is so difficult man. You can never imagine the type of potrait that i managed to draw. hahaha. I had a hard time as drawing is a tough job to me. Anyway, it was a very relaxing 2 hours discussion with 5 other respondents.

Stupid offer letter still havent arrived. Please give me more survey job!

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