Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sesat Jalan x3

I had a bad day today. Playing Daniel Powter's song...

I sesat jalan for a total of 3 times in one day. I went to putrajaya to check for directions yesterday with adam. The signboards are well placed everywhere and it is quite direct to get to persint 1, the main roundabout where all the government departments situated. HOWEVER, i missed the putrajaya turn after Puchong this morning. That was the first 'sesat jalan'. I reached SPA at 7.50am and ended up registering at 8.05am. My number was 006, the sixth one. I waited for almost 3 hours for my turn. The interview went quite smooth, it was a quite relaxing one. Everyone of us got some different questions from the pegawai. One interesting one that i got was what will you do after the 4 years? My response was "I will continue to serve for GOVERNMENT HOSTPITAL." Hmmmm. Another BARIA one, "what do you understand about stock management in pharmacy?" Yet another one, "What is happening in the politics today?" I mm zai larh. -_-"

We failed to get the offer letter today as Cik Zamzarina said the policy has been changed. We will have to wait for it to be posted a few days later. Then we headed to KKM to fill in the biodata borang. Another month or more to wait after this!!!

Then i sesat jalan again on my way to bukit jalil from putrajaya. I ended up paying extra rm3.20 for tolls and made a big U-turn to get on to the right way. Well, bor bian larh, pjee people sesat in puchong area. @_@

When i reached IMU, i thought i would be on the right track already. I am supposed to meet ai-lynn at her flat in Jalil Damai near Vista A. HOWEVER, i went wrong way and i ended up seeing a very familiar building situated right ahead of me - Plaza OUG. Sesat jalan for the third time on the same day.


Oh ya, anyone wanna accompany me to go fish big PIRAHNA, rm10 for 12 hours at kelana jaya? kekeke.

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