Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some updates

What have i been doing lately?

Yesterday was Hari Raya Aldiladha, everybody was very happy and everyone get very lazy because of this extra one day. Dont you think so?

Today, I called Lembaga Farmasi to make sure that they have started to process my borang 1 but failed. I will keep trying later in the afternoon. It has been a month plus since i came back and i have rested enough.

I am currectly addicted to DOTA at garena. But the sad things is that none of my active friends join me there. I make friends with all my bro's friends, then make more friends from the friends' friends. All in total, i have 12 contact and out of that, 10 of them is my dota friends (where i dont know them in person, but i have their msn contact, friends just for dota, get it?)

I am also trying to catch up on my studies. Ehem, wait, no more studies, let me rephrase --> i am trying to revise what i have learnt. I can hardly remember what i have learnt in final year but when i look at bnf again, i feel very interested to keep on reading. Isnt that a good start?

A few days ago, my family and i went to take graduation photo at the studio. I was probably the last person to do this as many have done so in August during the convocation. There was a big sign stating no photography is allowed and we were actually caught for taking personal pictures. However, the photographer didnt mind and helped my sis to change the settings of her camera for a better picture.

With Mummy and daddy

With mummy and 3 sis

And this is Zhuon, he will graduate next year, but not under Strahclyde University.

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