Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sam Goh Noobs@ Bukit Kiara Relay Run

Last sunday, 3 noobs (beginners) took part in the Bukit Kiara Relay run organized by 3R Circle. It was a small yet challenging race. The 3.9km loop made me feel like it was a 10km run. There wasnt too many participants, around 80 people. However, it was a very succesful relay run.

And this run was very 'canggih' also. The organiser included some electronic chips on the baton to record time. Phewww whit...

The mat which senses the electronic chip on the baton and send the info to the computer.

Introducing to you, Sam Goh Noobs (3 beginners) :

L-R : Hoo, Tien, Zhuon

Picture with Michael Power team before the race.

Besides having regular joggers or cyclists as supporters, we have some monkeys stooding on the tree to watch the race as well.

Julie wong was giving briefing before the start of the race.

And 3,2,1 BOOM! All the first runners dashed off...

After 23 mins 28 secs, i came back and passed the baton to Zhuon. The first person who came back clocked 16mins 59 secs. My performance was terrible. I started to walk halfway during the race. HOW can i walk but not run DURING a race? I was in the 3rd position before i started to walk.

Another 23 mins 20 secs, Zhuon came back. He didnt do good in the race as well. Hoo, our last runner took the baton and dashed off.

The champion team of open male clocked a total time of less than an hour, and after quite sometime, Hoo finally came back with the total time of 1 hour 7 mins.

And with this time, Sam Goh Noobs was positioned 7th.

We never train for the run. So this 7th place does satisfy us. If we train, can we make it into the top 3 next year?

We were served with watermelon for refreshment before the prize giving ceremony.

Closing ceremony speech was given by Julie.

The guy giving out prizes was our boss, same team.

Nolarh, he 'gam ngam' wore the traiblazer T-shirt also.

And the winner for Male's Open goes to this 3 japanese school boys. The youngest one is only 13 years old. -____-"

00:00-18:13 Fumiya Murakami
17:33-35:46 Takahiro Yanagawa
18:23-54:07 Jiro Ishida


Sam Goh Noobs - 7th Placing
00:00-23:28 Ding Min Tien
23:20-46:48 Ding Min Zhuon
20:54-67:42 Chin Kok Hoo

DENG! I should resume my training asap. hehe.

A finally group picture :

Good Job 3R Circle. We will join you again next year.

Next race, 14th december - MCA 6km run + buffer dinner at taman pertanian. :)


Anonymous said...

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ti3nD said...

Hey Tey. Thanks! :)

jue said...

Sam Goh Noobs .. .. . . still cannot get over this name. Thanks for supporting the relay.

was too busy to write a post report and hope to post it this week.

see u sam goh noobs in the next relay.

ti3nD said...

hahaha. tq jue. good that u can rmb us!! next year we wont be using this name already, no longer noob liao that time.