Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things i bought from PC fair

1) 2GB San Disk Micro SD Card

RM 20 for 2GB is a good deal. Its for my Samsung U600 phone. Initially i thought i would buy the 4 GB for the price of RM 35 but my phone can only support up to 2GB. Besides that, it can also be used as a 2GB memory card for my Canon camera.

2) Laser Mouse

RM 23 for this new technology laser mouse! Super high sensitive with 1600 dpi with the dimension (L*W*H*) : 116*62*33* mm. I love it, so far so good.

3) RM Media Center (With 320 GB Sata Seagate Hard disk)

RM 375, beat the special price! This is a new popular media player/hard disk. An internal hard disk can be added (like what i did). It can be connected to the TV via an AV cable. It supports many movies formats (RM, RMVB, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4), musics (MP3, WMA, AAC, etc) and Digital photo frame (JPG, BMP, TIF, slide show, etc). It also has a USB Host 2.0 which can be connected to an external hard disk/thumb drives for playing movies/musics. In addition, it is equiped with card reader (support SD, MMC, MS, XD). Imagine one day everyone will carry this media hard disk around to travel, because it can store so much things.

4) Web cam

RM 79 for another 'canggih' stuff. It is a 5 megapixel resolution webcam and it supports up to 10 times optical zoom!

What do you think about them?

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Anonymous said...

These are all very good accessories for any PC user/gadget fan :)