Sunday, November 30, 2008

ADV - tactical gears

When i was a kid, i love to dress up as an army. I will put on the full army uniform, the cap, boots and accessories to play. Where as my brother might put on the full police suit and start playing together with me. As i grow up, i no longer do that. My hobby has changed to something more challenging. Now, i used to go hiking and jungle treckking. I will have a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when I have managed to get to the top of the hill or completed 14km jungle treckking in less than 3 hours. I love doing that. For jungle treckking, there are some accesories that i must have. For example, a pair of gloves, safety belt and safety hook, suitable footwear, pants and shirts are all essential items that one must have.

At tacticalpantsusa, there is a wide range of 5.11 Tactical Gear available. For example, there are 5.11 tactical pants, 5.11 tactical shirts, 5.11 tactical glove, 5.11 tactical knives, 5.11 tactical polos, 5.11 tactical eyewear, 5.11 tactical shorts, 5.11 footwear, 5.11 gear bag, 5.11 jackets, 5.11 watches, 5.11 jumpsuits, 5.11 accessories, surefire flashlights and many more.

I would like to try rock climbing one day. I am no longer afraid of height but i need to train to be physically fit before i take an attempt to try rock climbing. Also, i will need some tactical gears. The 5.11 Tactical pants is specially designed for this purpose, where it contains patented tactical strap and slash pockets design.

Next one, 5.11 Tactical Training Barrel for all members of Law Enforcement.

5.11 Tactical Series provides safe training oppurtunities to all members of Law Enforcement by including Blade-Tec in the design to ensure safe solution. The 5.11 Tactical Training Barrel is different from the factory barrel. It is replaced with a bright yellow, high impact plastic insert to ensure that everyone around you to aware that the hand gun is safe.

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