Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of year 2008

12 more hours later from now will be next year (2009) already. I still remember very clearly what i did last year during the last day of 2007 - i worked for 15 hours but i got paid a total of 26 hours.

I spent a few days in batu pahat before i came back to Peejay. If you happen to visit batu pahat, your friend (chuah pei ling/peifong) will sure bring you go try out the duck noodles, herbal chicken and fried oyster. For my case, ailynn was the driver to bring me there. They are all famous food from the small town. The 'buy1free1' bubble tea priced from RM 3 to RM 6 is another great deal to check out too.

I have learnt a few facts in the past days and thought to share it here with you guys :

1) In Johor, the state education minister has announced 'kelas tambahan bahasa english' (additional english class) for students every tuesday night a year ago. This special class is purely to help the bumiputras as non-bumiputras have to pay RM 10 monthly to attend this class. As a result, NONE non-bumiputra is interested to attend the class. The teacher is paid ONLY an additional RM 300 for a year.

2) Dentistry course is a damn freaking expensive course to take in Malaysia. Studying for 5 years in IMU will cost a total of USD 154,000 (International students) or RM 400,000 (Malaysia students). You will have to serve the government for 3 years, a shorter duration as compared to pharmacist (4 years) and doctor (5years).

3) Government servant who will be working after 1st January 2009 is only eligible for a total of 25 days leave instead of 30 days. SOBS.

Interesting right?

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