Wednesday, September 20, 2006

v made it into the final!!

19 sep

There is a prob bugging me the whole morning, making me cant study.. d changing of date for road relay..sem3 cant make it on fri cos dey hav runners involved in football n basketball.. sem5 got exam dunwan to run any earlier..pharm dunwan run on sat cos got vb n futsal.. :/

Manage to grab ah sing n andy for a final track training afta long persuading them.. thks4 coming :) unfortunately the rain started to pour at 3.30pm.. y evytime oso like that geh? v waited n watched the rain at the track.. later v hav no choice but to train under the rain.. by now, although lip wai missed the training, if things goes well this sun, im very sure to win the 4x100m!! :)

meet up with e 4x100m gals later at5pm.. FIRST TIME the whole team present.. glad but sry i didnt really guide them liao..m leaving evything to e gal leader, xin yi.. hope u guys enjoy e training, n must win 4x100m gal for me!! :)

shall call for an end of track training afta this! V ARE RDY! :)

Nex, rushed back for ping pong semi final against sem3 at 6pm.. paiseh to hav skipped warming up n practice from 4-6pm with my teammates.. im rather confident on tonite's match n im more worry on track.. playing at the top floor with gud lightings does make a different.. paik ling didnt make it and v got a temporary badminton player( chai rong) to play for us...really lucky that evything turn out rite!

Sem3 was playing strategy match today.. wei loong played men's single, while fabian played men's doubles.. the following were the results :
1) men's single - desmond beat wei loong 3-1
2) women's single - huey bee lost 1-3
3) men's doubles - choon wei n me lost 0-3
4) women's doubles - win win n chai rong won 3-1
5) mixed doubles - kok liang n hung jen won 3-0

the crucial match was on the women's doubles match.. it was a very tight match.. the whole match was so tensed up! desmond n me were so tensed as well.. n not to forget the supporters... u guys do make a different!!! thks thks thks for supporting!

fortunately, v manage to win by 3-2 overall score :) congrats guys.. the road to champion isnt that far afta all.. kip it up n win champion this year k? :-)

n this is from paik ling - from imu cup 2005, the semi finalists were sem3,4,5 n pharm.. sem 4 n pharm made it into the final.. pharm lost to sem4 in the final.. will the resuts b the same this year? v shall make a change in the history n will neva repeat the same old mistakes made last year k!

once again, congrats to all my pp teammates! ;)

* the complete pharm pp team, choon wei n paik ling are missing *
* thks million for attending e meeting for me, the road relay's prob was finally settled, fixed on nex wed nite 7pm !!! :)

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