Wednesday, September 20, 2006

jobs well done!~ :)

18 sep

Hav had this pharmaceutical visit at Ulpa Pharmaceutical Factory at Bangi with my otha 36 batchmates... thks fionna for suggesting the visit, thks angeline for putting effort n making e trip a success!!

The visit last for 2hrs+, 1st was listening to the talk by miss X(sry forgotten ur name dy), was an hour of one way talking session.. wahhh sienz.. haha! later on, v were grouped into 2 gps to hav close look at the manufacturing processes of some powder capsules, cod oil capsules, tablets and the packing processes.. most are operated fully automated and some are semi-automated.. great to learn something new.. at least now i noe how a capsule was made..haha :)

At nite, went to support basketball final.. its between sem3 n pharmacy!!! a quick recap of what happens last year, pharm lost to sem1(sem 3 now) by just 2 was a close match n v cud hav win if and only if v get outside refs like yest.. V HAD MADE IT THIS TIME!!! V ARE THE CHAMPION! Congrats guys!!! :) dey really play well this time.. pharm won sem3 with a lead of 16 pts this time.. was bad to see patrick injured his right eyes afta a clash with yeu lou.. if he wasnt injured, it gonna be a tight match again!!

While on badminton semi, pharm lost to sem1 unexpectedly.. i hav confident with them.. wmeng and the team has confident to win the champion trophy again this year.. but unfortunately, lucks jus wasnt with them tat nite..all our supporters were at bb court... really sad about the news... sad sad sad.. anyhow, wat is over let it be.. v shall look towards the 3rd/4th placing playoff nex mon.. jia you k?? :)

* a speedy recovery for patrick..
* qris n wmeng, jia you for badminton!!
* and to u, rmb wat u did tat nite near e pool ar? revenge = *bish! :)

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