Sunday, September 17, 2006

1st MTF national remajat tkd championship

16 sep

Thks to cousie benny who wake me up at 6am in the morning..ther is this national remaja tkd champ.. thou it suppose to be for REMAJA (age 9-17), but this time there is open category as well..

its the biggest championship for juniors as an annual national level championship..if u win gold, u are the best in MSIA in ur respective weight n age...

Its the first time for my kids to enter such huge competition.. a total of 9 of them(including zhuon= not my kids) took part.. there are a 1000 over of participants from all states of msia, terengganu n sabah didnt come thou..

the first day ended very late.. later than was really tiring..great to chat ard with my tkd mates from diff. academy while waiting for my kids to fight througout the whole noon.. with 7 participants for the first day, oly managed to get one silver n one bronze medal.. :) was rather disappointed since the aim of one gold medal from my kids didnt make it.. :/

* arnold did a great job today to the final match.. geofrey made a good effort in fighting thru the 3rd rds, but he lost.. justin was beaten by a guy one head taller.. another similar poor case goes to kristine..baryon has a high spirit to cont the fight.. chee hong n yun ken, u got to buck up in ur training!!

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