Thursday, September 28, 2006

another date to rmb!!

27 sep

TODAY is the second last day for imu cup 2006 b4 prize giving n' cheerleading's nite tomolo!

Received news from nee meng that pharm made it into the finals in darts...!! wowww! geng man.. gai dou?? as nee meng quoted? ehh in darts games, v alwiz nid the power of 'chicken' wat? haha :)

khai yong n team won foosball yest nite as well!!! 2 years defending champion! congrats man!!!

Today will be my last event for imu cup - Road relay!! its a 3guys + 2 gals relay event.. distance is 2.2km each!

Evy1 predicted that sem5 is gonna win in road relay.. their team is so strong.. all top runners from imu.. sem3 is strong also.. but i dont!!! i noe that v hav a 50/50 chance to beat sem5 if v are in a good running mood, perhaps conditions..

The first runner was called off at 7.40pm.. fei hing was rather nervous tonite.. if not he will not keep complaining about his pains on his legs... but he will do his best, he wanna get this gold..bang! all the first runners dashed off.. wai meng(sem5) was leading, n fei hing jus followed the crowd at the back... v hav lots of supporters tonite.. the whole darts team were here.. p105, p106, b105, b106.. all crowded infront of imu to cheer for my team!

About 8mins 30secs later, can see wai meng is running on his way back, that time sem5 was cheering like crazy.. fei hing n joseph(sem3) were slight behind him, v were so glad!! second runners get rdy, there goes woon lee(sem5), n hui yin afta her!

Anotha 10mins later.. again, 2 person is running back to imu this time.. woon lee took the lead..hui yin followed tight behind of woon lee.. great job! u shock evy1 of us today! ther goes chee yuan(sem5), n i dashed off few secs later.. i got to catch up n overtook chee yuan not long afta.. was leading all the way back to imu this time... there must be a turnover for us..

Den the 4th runner, million goes off.. lay in (sem5) goes off afta sum time.. sem3 was in 3rd placing.. the gap between pharm, sem5 n sem3 were quite big by that time! Lay in was the fastest gal runner in imu.. she can easily beat any guys who dont go jogging, or those who are in road relay yest.. no joke wei!

10mins later, its million! she is taking the lead back to imu.. lay in was behind her.. den our last runner, jothpal( the legend of this imu cup) went off.. Aaron(sem5) go afta him a few secs later.. At that time, v were quite sure about the champion trophy already.. Jothpal was the fastest runner in road from my judgement! 8mins later, without letting any1 down, jothpal came back to the finishing line ALONE.. the champion's song was played as well " pharma pharma, pharma pharma pharmacy....!" woooowwwww! V ARE THE CHAMPION IN ROAD RELAY!! woohoooo woooooohoooooooooo ;)

V had jus made another changes in history in road running.. pharm was champion, follow by sem5 n then sem3! 4th was sem1, 5th was sem2 and 6th was sem4!

Im really glad n fullfilled! this year, i hav win back each and every event that i lost last year! ;)

The cheerleading event will start in 2 hrs time.. all the best to pharm cheerleading team!! jia you jia you!!!

* special thks to pick chai n kok liang for being the time keepers!
* thks all supporters!!!! millions of thks!
* thks my running mates : fei hing, hui yin, million n jothpal! yes, v made it!! ;)

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