Friday, September 29, 2006

the memorable ending of imu cup 06'

28 Sep, Thurs

ITS time to call for an end for imu cup 06' afta the cheerleaders hopped in the middle of atrium and performed their outstanding cheerleading!! pharmacy supporters were superb today.. got to conquered 3/4 of the 1st floor.. while little p105 gang got to camp on the ground floor..

p106 cheerleading team did a great job here.. really hav a wonderful cheering time.. v had got 'high' all along the 8mins with u guys.. afta all exciting performances from the cheerleading, its time for prize giving ceremony.. pharmacy did made a turnover this year to come out of OVERALL 1ST RUNNER UP!!!! woooow!

following are the results :

Basketball Male - Champion
Foosball - Champion
Road Relay - Champion
Squash - Champion
Table Tennis - Champion
Track n Field - Champion
Volleyball Female - Champion

Carrom - 1st runner
Darts - 1st runner
Netball Male - 1sr runner
Volleyball Male - 1st runner

Basketball female - 2nd runner
Dota - 2nd runner
Futsal female - 2nd runner
Futsal male - 2nd runner

While sem5 came up to be overall champ, as expected! they had grabbed 8 overall trophies( v got 7!!!! ) n plenty of 1st&2nd runners.. surprisingly, pharm won the elephant cup challenge trophy as well, being the most noisy batch, yet the most supporting batch!

The climax of announcing the results came when cheerleading results were released!! Sem 2 2nd runner up.. our heart are beating like crazy that time... den came the 1st runner up, sem5 was 1st runner ups!!! evy1 got crazily happie.. jumping in joys... v knew that v will be the champion... yeah true enough, PHARM CHEERLEADING TEAM WAS THE CHAMPION!!! wooooowwwwwwww!!! congrats!!! really touched... great performance! their 2months of continuos efforts paid off.. worth it? yeah duhhhh! :)

lotsa congrats to vco, jean, yeu lou, chen han, ka keat, chia hong, thian, million, flora, yen, yen nee, karen, mei wen, pui yen, trisha, sue, shian yi, huey wen++

Taken lotsa pics afta that.. and ther goes my achievement this year > 6 gold n a silver + 2 overall trophies.. ;)

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