Sunday, September 17, 2006

heart broken again :/

17 sep

Hav had this mizuno 10km run with my active family members at padang merbok, near dataran to meet up with imu running mates - aaron, jack, lay in , woon lee n yu ying.. v seem to be active in running events recently.. :)

All categories started at the same time since the distance is fixed for all, 10.1km.. the run flagged off at 7.30am.. the mizuno road route was named double hills, with 2 real killing long + steep hills... the run was real terrible, is killing my knees throughout the run.. since v aimed only for a finishing medal, neva even bother to push ourselves to the limit. v(cousie benny+andy+hoo+me) jus maintained a slow pace throughout the race.. but all my 5 imu mates are way ahead infront.. later v got split n oly left hoo&me going at a constant pace.. got to catch up + potong woon lee mid way of the run.. she is gud... ended up position 255th, hoo 256th.. hahah... lay in beat me in the race, ended 18th in gal category, aaron another siao siao fellow(55th) while jack (150).. real paiseh to lose to lay in this time.. hahahahah @_*

At the end of the race, evy1 received a finishing medal, since v made it within the qualifying time - <>

Open category for both guys n gals are fighting today.. amelia lost in the first bout to the final opponent that she beat in imu tkd champ a month ago.. missed a gud chance here.. while zhuon made it to the semis..he is an angin fighter.. he fights according to his mood..if he is in a bad mood swing, dun expect him to perform well.. in his first bout, he fought so so only.. jus for warming up mayb.. second bout was beta..and in semi finals, he fought against ryan..zhuon had performed to his top form today..he has the will to win..todays match was ways beta than the other time i fought ryan last month..afta 1st bout, the score was 1-1, afta 2nd bout, score was 3-0(with zhuon leading 3-0), and 3rd bout was 0-4.. it was a very close match.. zhuon lost 4-5 to ryan.. arrrghhhh! its really silly to make mistakes only in the final bout..damn sad afta the match :( :( :( :( :( real disappointed at that moment.. i tot zhuon cud hav beat him.. it was a great match afta all.. clap clap!

got home by 5.30pm.. immediately hug to pillow n piggeddddd...i will nid alot of sleep today..Zzzzzzzzz @___________@

*zhuon, congrats n do train hard to beat ryan in the future!!
*the coming wk will be international singles' day.. celebration?


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