Sunday, September 17, 2006

last day of sem4 ^>^

15 sep

The biggest thing in my mind today was HP essay is due today!!!! it has been given since the beginning of the semester, but evy1 is lazy and ended up still busy doing their work in the last min.. and i was one of them!!:/ was busy in the past week for biopharm classtest, den was busy with imu cup training, didnt really put in effort to start the essay until the last 3days before due date.. i will hav to bear a supa-hurry-rushing + efficient working manner to finish up my essay on time.. i even stayed up late last nite till 3am+ till i drowse off.. the nex morning(today), i cont to do my essay at 9am, target to finish the essay by 12 at first, den by 1, and finally only got my essay printed at 2pm at home...very screw up time planning@_@

Den i got to rush for the last hp tutorial class at 2.30pm, im dead late since i left home oly at 2.30.. when i got to cintaria, saw sue choo, suek teng on their way down from the escalator dy.. dey said class ended already! -_-" it scheduled to be a 3 hrs session workshop lerh.. den later de rest said that nothing is important from the workshop, since dr Mak told us to study EVYTHING? duhhhhhhhhhhhh...quickly handed in my essay to AAD, got to know my pp classtest results as well.. ummm.. 21.3/30.. consider.. not bad huh? still nid to work extremely hard jus to PASS!! jia you larh my frens out ther :)

Nex, there is this gp games for imu cup ping pong between sem2,sem5 n pharm.. started off with sem2 VS sem5(sem2 was assumed to be the strongest afta pharm), SURPRISINGLY, sem2 was beaten 2-3 overall score to sem5.. glen did a great job in playing men's single.. ^^

nex, its pharm VS sem2.. its a tight match between us.. v lost 0-2 at first, got to catch up to 2-2 before playing the mix doubles match.. desmond n paik ling did a gud job here.. v won in mixed doubles and won sem2 3-2 overall..phew phew... ^<^

finally, its pharm vs sem5... v beat them last year with a score of 3-2.. v are confident to beat them as well this year..however, v oly manage to beat them 3-2, again anotha tight match here.. pharm came up top seeding in this grouping, will be facing sem3 in semis.. since sem2 was out, hopefully ther wud be an easy road ahead for pharm to become champion in pp this year.. ehehhe :) gud lucks guys!
* i managed to get into the msn track yest nite.. its nice to jus train with u! kip it up! kekeke.. :)
*v hav our last vb friendly + training last nite against ucsi, v lost 1-2 :/ but can see improvement compare to the last friendly... must workhard!! must go into final to play against sem5!! jia you guys!

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