Friday, September 29, 2006

bad day..

29 Sep, Fri

Hav a start on a new day by fon's sms.. thks to bugger for informing me about the release of dd n biopharm3 results.. i called AAD for the reseults right afta late breakfast.. was quite relief! if i did no mistake in totalling up my marks for dd n biopharm3, shudnt be a prob for me in semester exams.. i jus nid to score 1/3 of dd n 1/4 of biopharm3 in finals to pass.. perhaps that was a gud news for me b4 i start on revision todaY! however, im still scared n rather worried on hp n pp... nid to do very well, scored 1/2 of pp final paper to PASS!

my treats for getting gud results? can, no prob, mayb, shud b, probably, wud like to.. ;p


Got myself really prepared for a push in studies today.. unfortunately, got bugged with serious prob again!

its my mistake, my fault to have informed late for the late decision.. last minute pulling out was so bad...i understand!!

and right now im the one who pulls out.. im sry, i apologized a tons of times.. i feel deep sad to miss it with u guys oso.. but wat i got in return from my apologize was not any comfy at all.. ntg sounds like "nvm.. its not ur fault or nvm v can make it again nex time or its ok v will settle the prob now.." i got deeply upset by those replies.. im the only one to be blamed cos i pulled out last wrong, yes true! y cant u think of my side?? i will settled the prob.. i hav prepared for the worst outcome.. but i dunwan any changes in the trustworthy among us.. i appreciate very much of u guys' efforts in organising n preparing it.. u guys are my best frens.. pls understand my situation! its nobody' mistake beside me.. any comfort words now do cheer me up...

to my close ones from vbs, im sry again to cause troubles.. tensed u guys up in the very last min, now its the most crucial time for gambateh, do ur best for exams!!!

wats wrong with me today.. i only realised that i DIDNT TAKE LUNCH by 5.30pm!!! cos i had late breakfast at 11.30am..!! anyone, help me?? i jus nid sumtime....................................

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