Sunday, September 10, 2006

wat i did in the past wk?

4-10 sep

monday - i hav only one lecure in the morning.. skipped n went kl with jian n adam to settle the air flights' stuff.. jian treated me n adam makan in the noon as a return treat.. heheh :) hav a short table tennis practice session.. went tkd class at kbu oso..

tuesday - afta 2 lectures, camped in library to study with frens.. tried to start hp essay at first but failed.. ended up sleeping in library afta my tiredness overdo my will to revise.. supposed to hav a road run training today but the weather dun allow to do so.. so back home.. at nite went tkd class for training pulak.. the very first event of imu cup kicks off today!!!! its football match btwn pharm n sem3!!! the end results was a 2-2 draw!! bit disappointed cos they beat sem3 with a score of 4-2 in a friendly last wk.. anyway, gud jobs pharm football team, at least a gud start!! :)

wed - skipped classes today! wanna study at glad to skip cos i did study ALOT at home... :-D ther was this basketball matches btwn pharm n sem2, sem3 vs sem5 today.. pharm won with 50-31, while sem5 was beaten by sem3.. congrats for both winning teams.. v are putting high hopes to see pharm n sem3 in the finals again this year..

thurs - its a holiday for p105 today.. so again another day for revision for me.. studied in the morning.. did some degree papers questions... wowww... wowwwWwwww... dam terrible questions..cudnt ans well... rather scared!! ;O supposed to hav a track training session + friendly run against sem3 today.. as both the leaders are gud fren, was hope that this friendly can work out well at first, but AGAIN, the weather doesnt allow so... aiiiiiihhhzzz aiiiihhhhhzzz aiiiiihzzz... it started to pour right at 5.30pm!!! evy1 retreats for training except some stubborn ones actually went with me.. :) but then v encountered big prob again.. v cudnt get in to the track.. v were blacklisted.. cudnt do anything but to head back.. SAD!! and that nite didnt rain at all larh, it was jus drizzling for about 10mins like tat only!!!!!! aiiiiiihhhhhhhzzzzz...

anyhow, stil manage to grab a *benben one to go running with me .. hehe.. at least i did some running today lur :)

afta this, i shall call for an end for track training..anota 2wks for the day to team will step into the stadium with high confident..but right now my confident on my team is fading slowly, disappearing slowly.. im no longer so sure for overall champ if evyone jus missed out training like tat... ;/

* alternative for track training is in kampung pandan, half an hour drive from bukit jalil..but if make it afta 5pm, it will be a waste of 2hrs drive perhaps cos traffic conditions are bad afta 5pm... it will jus b a blank thought! aiiiiihhhzzzzzz!!
* imu cup track n field was scheduled on 24th sep, 7pm - 11pm, bukit jalil main stadium...YES first time put at nite for the purpose of getting more supporters' attention...pls do come n support us!!! it will be a memeroble glorious nite for pharm n u guys!! :)

fri - hav one last lecture from Dr Niall Coaagan, a lecturer from stracthlyde.. bye bye, cyaz in UK later..camped at library again.. study study study... hav table tennis practice today.. the schedule was out.. will be playing against sem5 n sem2 on nex fri, 15sep..was glad that it was the first time for the whole team to come(except kok liang went back hometown liao).... had training from 6 till 9pm plus... wasnt so happie with training today thou.. anyhow... will hav frequent trainings again nex wk, to hope to perform a good match nex wk... frens are performing choir for chariot nite, wish they hav had a good time lur..

sat - its wkend.. but then it was meant for revision.. had studied almost the whole day.. did hav some break to online, sing k at home, idling, smsing....

sun - cudnt get up early today.. again, nid to continue on my revision for tomolo's biopharm classtest.. i think by now im gud at drawing already.. i mean drawing out drug structures.. haha..
left with 20pgs to finish my 2nd rd, im rather lazy to cont studying dy.. so here im to blog, to crap bout my past wk.. wish tomolo v will get an easy paper.. hope evyone do well.. till then.. end for wkend..... Zzzzzzzzz.....

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