Monday, September 25, 2006

making history records in volleyball imu cup!! :O

23rd Sep

Its imu cup volleyball match day for both guys n gals today.. v had it at serdang INDOOR court.. was great to play indoor, can avoid the sun, but jus too bad that v oly hav one court, thus v hav a really long wait for each game.. anyhow, our pharm gals started the very first game.. v hav a really strong gals team this year... n dey played really well.. the star players = qris + pei ling + chuan ping! one great setter, 2 main spikers pei ling n chuan ping, u cant find it elsewhere but from pharmacy..they might even beat the pharm's guys lerh.. paiseh!! haha... good jobs lerh! following r e results :

pharm beat sem1 2-0
pharm beat sem3 2-0
pharm beat sem5 2-0 in semi
pharm beat sem4 2-0 in final

pharm gals team won champion! :)

While on the guys side.. v are worried about jeng yew's ankle injury at first.. but things goes well.. he managed to withstand the pain n perform to his top form today..can see different and improvements from the first match till the finals..afta a really though matches against sem2,sem3 and sem1, v made it to the was already 11pm+ when v played final! as expected, sem5 was the final opponent.. vincent, v made it.. ur aim of final was achieved!!!v will jus do our was a very close match! arghhhHhh! v lost first set 24-26 n 2nd set 23-25!!!!!! :0 its da maximun v can do edy..i was glad.. v shout in joyness afta the match.. v were happie.. v appreaciate the match.. it was a very gud game played! :)

champion for vb gals n 2nd for vb guys!! congrats both pharm gals n guys vb team!!!!!!

it was a very tired day.. whole day of efforts.. 6.30am in the morning till 12.30am the nex morning.. wowwww! @_@ but afta all its worth!

* special thks to my vb team mates : vincent, bugger, jian, wmeng, jeng yew, aiven, 8lou, pc, chi yuan, meng, chen han!

* pics will be posted up soon..

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