Monday, September 25, 2006

dream accomplished! :)

24 sep, sunday

THIS is my biggest day for this imu cup.. my team n i will be competing in the real big stadium of bukit jalil.. ITS TRACK & FIELD day!

evy1 is so nervous..the regular runners also complained that they are scared!! (xin yi, sharon, yannee) not to forget those first time running ones ( hui yin, flora, pick chai, ah sing) i hav so much trust with my team to win today.. our team efforts brought the team spirit, brought the confident bit by bit to the pharmacy team throughout the entire race! v hitted our FIRST GOLD when jothpal runs.. he took a big lead in winning the 1500m for one expects that(except me n the team wahhahaha), all d otha bathes were shocked! :O
while hui yin came out 4th in 1500m gals..that was gud enuf k! congrats :)

Next SECOND GOLD for pharm when sharon dashed off for 100m gal.. she was the shortest among the runners, but dun underestimate her leh, great job! Andy came out 5th in guys 100m. wat happens?

Next was 200m gals n guys.. within the expectation, xin yi made it a record to take big lead in 200m gals.. 3RD GOLD! again, evy1 opened their eyes bigger by this time.. congrats! I ran in 200m guys, without lettin any1 down as a captain, i won gold oso.. yeah 4Th GOLD for pharmacy, out of 6 events!

Den come 400m event.. m putting very high hopes on yannee..she cudnt defence her champion title n came up 2nd (FRIST SILVER medal) afta the run.. she was upset by her mistake!!!! she forgot to put on her spike shoe for the run.. n nobody realised until she finished the race.. arghhhh.. mistake!!! While pick chai ran 400m guys..he got no idea how fast or how he shud run.. totally blurred! ppl dashed the entire 400m while he skipped for at least 50m before he started to catch up. haha.. gud try man! he came out 5th! weldone!

The running events are on the track side.. while on the field side, v hav got ah sing n stephanie for long jump.. kian sing flies so far n landed 5.36m to emerge as the champion! 5TH GOLD for pharmacy! stephanie had serious injury on both knee but she tried! she landed 3.56m n got a SECOND SILVER medal for pharmacy!! geng geng congrats!

Next, it was 800m... million n me cheered the team up again, bring the team up to the climax by getting another 2 gold...6TH n 7TH GOLD were in our hands! congrats!

There was a short break afta 800m before continuing the relay events..
I wasnt so happie with the points system, where a gold medal in individual earns u 10pts, follow by 8, 6,4, 2,0 while team event gold medalists earn 20pts, follow by 16, 12, 8, 4, 0.. was it fair to double up the points for relay?????

anyhow, relay was my main focus this year! i hav put in alot efforts to train in the 4x100m teams.. v are trying our best to win.. the 8TH GOLD was owned by pharm when the 4x100m gals(flora, xin yi, steph, sharon) dashed off.. followed by the 9TH GOLD, the 4x100m guys (lip wai, kian sing, ME, andy) made it to first as well!! huuuuuurayyyyy! :) by then, evy1 congrats me for the gud jobs aim of getting 10 golds was close already.. i can feel it!!!

Next is 4x400m! a very exciting run lerh.. 4x400m gals (kah yee, shirlyn, million, yannee) came up 2nd(3RD SILVER medal) afta sem5.. gud jobs done! kah yee didnt perform well today..nvm but congrats! thks vyeaw for supporting.. i cud hear his voice for not oly this race but for evy run!

my 4x400m guys were the most chap balang team (chi yuan+pc+fei hing+jothpal).. pc n fei hing said they cant run becos their legs werent fine... and they came up 2nd(4th SILVER medal) afta sem5 as well.. was so glad!!!!!!!! congrats!

Last but not least, the 4x100m mixed! i hav a perfect team here (sharon + me + xin yi + hua loon).. without letting anyone down, v made it.. v grabbed the 10TH GOLD by winning 4x100m mixed... wooooooooowwww! jumping in happiness.. shouting of victory.. hugging n sharing of glory n joys...!!!

e champion song goes like this:
pharma, pharma, pharma pharma pharmacy,
phar ma cy, phar ma cy, pharma pharma phar ma cyyyyyyy! PHARMACY!!! :D

im so glad..m so relieved..m so happie.. my dream for track achieved finally..v are the champion not by a slight win, but dominate win!!! v won 10golds, 4 silver out of 17 events!!!!! CONGRATS!!

* special thks to my track teammates : sharon, xin yi, flora, stephanie, yannee, kah yee, shirlyn, million, hui yin, andy, ah sing, lip wai, hua loon, pick chai, chi yuan, fei hing n jothpal!! u guys did a great jobs.. our efforts of training paid off.. thks guys!!

* a tons of thks to all the supporters.. p105, p106, b105, b106 n even b104 n my parents!!! n to those who support me mentally thru sms.. thks!

*im sry to hav disappointed u once, m so glad that the prob has been solved now.. will do my best in the future k? :)

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