Sunday, September 03, 2006

Genting trip??

2-3 Sep

Hav had a volleyball friendly match against sem5 this morning.. gal team started the game and won2-0, while guy team lost 0-2.. v predicted the results long ago b4 the friendly.. its an important match as v are trying out our formation.. esp the gal team, its the 1st time to see a whole team come leh.. hurray hurray!! :)

jia you guys, to win this year imu cup, v nid more spirit to fight yea :)

Later afta lunch, went to genting with aaron, jack n wai meng.. v are having a run tomolo morning near awana hotel..its the genting trailblazer run.. its tough to complete 14km in the jungle.. the qualifying time given is only 3hrs..getting so excited for it since a month ago..v do enjoy ourselves very well b4 the run.. v had this jamboree style buffet dinner, v took cable car to genting first world hotel to watch mysteria performances, v stayed in awana hotel that nite.. evything fully sponsored by S.A.D... the total expenses hitted rm500... shhhhhhh..wat v did in genting shudnt b revealed to S.A.D geh.. haha... see, there is noway u say u dun love S.A.D by now k.. hahahahahha thks S.A.D, thks charmine, thks jack! :)

On sunday's morning, got to meet up with my parents n uncle they all b4 the race... my cousies formed 2 teams while uncle billy n dad made up an 'old man's team'(sum aged >100yrs old)... the run flagged off at 8.30am sharp.. the weather was chilling..perfect for running! ther is 14km for us to go.. its gonna b a supa long way.. its gonna be very tough! jack was my partner today, v went thru the entire race togeta, with alot of sweat n a little of blood and oso cuts over our hands.. arghhh! its rather dangerous to getting down hill, since evy1 is in a competitive mode, plus the muddy ground is slippery since it rains yest, it was a tough way to go down hill... might jus fell down n say bb if v slip a step... its really challenging to go thru the last 800m man made obstacle right b4 crossing the finishing line.. afta all, the race was so tough, so fun, so challenging... withouht realising the distance v hav actually gone thru, jack n me made it back with a timing of 1hr 36mins, finished in 25th ^^ while aaron n wai meng finished with a time of 1hr 30mins, 15th.. geng!!! v hav got ourselves whole body of dirty mud, body aching, leg muscles cramp, cuts on hands, n a finisher medal home!! welldone guys!!! this 2days one night in genting is more sort like holidaying rather than jus a run heheh :)

Got home by 2.30pm.. tired... hav got my lovely car washed.. den hug onto my sweet bed quickly.. n pigggggggggggggggggged almost for the entire day... anota wkend was gone.. fullfilled... hmmmph stil lacking on revision's progress leh.. gotta buck up liao starting from hard togeta with me k? tireddd... Zzzz niteZ ;)

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