Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bye bye and safe journey, my friends

5 hours ago, majority of my friends flew back to Malaysia from glasgow international. Couldnt send them off this afternoon coz i was working. Some others will be flying back on the 29th next week.

To all my kaki-kaki/kawan-kawan/peng you sekalian,

Have a safe and pleasant journey back to Malaysia!! :)

Some group pics :

To my hsemates (jian, vyeaw, hsheong), sebelah rumah hsemates (edmond, wmeng, smiin and pjoo), sebelah sebelah hsemates (adam, kim hoe, darren and tam ming), qristine, khangwern, luyi, yijie, wong ah moi, wjiun, ah bao, hazel, kah yie, pei ling, anson, desmond, ron, khai yong, di and dap, ss members and sekalian-sekalian from my bloglist,

1) update me with what happen in Malaysia
2) update me with any wedding ;p
3) update me with your work
4) copy down the law paper question, make up a past year for me :P


1) i will update you with what i kepoh in glasgow
2) i will update you with anything interesting in glasgow
3) i will find you to go yum cha when i back later!

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