Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CRAZY flight deal from Ryanair!

I booked my flight to Paris last saturday and booked the flight to italy last night. Tonight, i just couldnt resist the last minute crazy deal, which ends this midnight (kononnya), so i ended up booking a trip to ireland.

And guess how much was the fare?

1 pound per person including tax and all charges!

But still have to pay 4 pounds for credit card charge so ended up paying 5 pounds per person to fly to Belfast city, Ireland.

1 euro per person from Dublin back to Glasgow.

And 5 euros for credit card charge so 6 euros for the flight ticket.

In total, i pay 5 pounds + 6 euros to catch a return flight from glasgow to ireland. :)

So u think you can fly from KL to Kota Kinabalu with just 5 pounds + 6 euros or less? I doubt so...

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