Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome my weekend!

Everything went very smooth. I worked 40 hours last week and i worked 39 hours this week. GG.

By putting urself into full time job, time passes superbly FAST. Seriously, no kidding. A week has gone just like that. chi sin one. Full time work is not easy. Right now, I remember how i greet the customers each morning, how i do the canteen work, how to get my butt off the bed at 7.15am each morning, how to avoid missing bus or train, how to save money, but nothing about drug interaction, mechanism of drug, drug approach - GG.

So what is up for the weekend :

I wanna teman my lou poh more.

I wanna dagei more.

I wanna skype with my parents tomorrow.

I wanna have some good rest during my only 2days break.

I wanna download dvd version punya The dark knight 2008 and watch it asap.

P/s : im not ready to be a pharmacist, yet! lolz.


~ming~ said...

Im not ready to be a pharmacist too!! gah!

ti3nD said...

aiihzzz ah ming, u hav 2 more months 2 rest before stepping into the working society. and then all the drugssssssss. omg. haha. that is our life.