Friday, July 25, 2008

Super cheap flight

Ryan air is currently giving out some super good deals!! The offer will end this midnight.

The lowest fare was at 1 pounds including taxes and all, but restricted to some cacat punya places like Aarhus, Oslos, Gothenburg City. But wait, you only need to pay 1 pound to Stockholm also. And they are many many many more crazy deals around europe.

Maybe i am too NOOB in all these. These days, credit card company are making alot of money and they charged 4 pounds per person per flight for making any booking. And you know what, i pay 36 pounds in total for 2 person to fly to paris from glasgow prestwick, of which 16 is credit card charges for booking. -_-" Anyhow, still a good bargain huh?

Any good recommendation of places to stay in Paris, anyone?

Thanks a zillion :)

Eifel towel - sini saya kambing!

sini saya kambing = here i come :)


cYbeR FiSh™ said...

don't say place "cacat".
blame it on ur lousy geography knowledge.bleh.
OSLO is one cool place to go ok..n it's located in Norway.

ti3nD said...


i admit i noob larh. lolz. :P

wont go norway lur, no time to go there, yet. haha.