Monday, July 28, 2008

So you think Malaysia is hot?

I thought A Hot Summer should link with some hot chicks like a poster shown below :

But that is not the case, the only thing that is HOT right now is the weather.

Today glasgow is freaking HOT wei!!! Dont you agree with me?

It gave me the feeling of walking around in malaysia. You can see many ang mohs (male) just walk around without wearing their tops. And the gals are wearing extremely little too.

It has been extremely hot weather (in glasgow) in the past few days. And today was at the extreme.

I know the fact that Malaysia is much hotter than glasgow and the main thing that each and every one of us to complain about malaysia is the HOT WEATHER. But glasgow is seriously hot the past few days!! How is the weather in Malaysia now?

The only cure to hot weather is to soak yourself in an indoor swimming pool, with air-conditioned.

That might not be the only way. Maybe you should have a cold drink plus some lovely icecream like this.

Weekend is calling for an end really soon. 2 more hours to midnight. Tomorrow need to work again. Hurraaaaaay. Wait....No... deng! damn it!


xh said...

haha 20+ degree u say hot :p let u come back msia n ul know..

ti3nD said... idea how hot is msia liao. sobs!