Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My new potential boss

After working for more than 4 months with Blue arrow catering and approximately 6 months with Eastern treats, i decided to quit both soon.

Im looking for a full time work during the weekday and free myself during the weekend. Unfortunately, Eastern Treats cant give me what i want. So i have to quit.

While i was walking back home yesterday from Tesco, i saw woon chin taking her break in the subway. Didnt know that she is actually working in subway until yesterday. I have more interest in working in this branch than the one in Hope street coz this is nearer. Before i go, she forced me to take this with me -

Half of the sub long sanwiches. It tasted great. Gam sia woon chin.

And before i forget, thank you Ron for the voucher the other day also. :)

Subway, i will come for you once i have settled everything in the beginning of July. See you then.

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