Friday, July 18, 2008

A busy day

Yesterday, I was told that tomorrow is going to be a busy day for morgan stanley.

They have this BBQ session for the staffs. Free flow of food for EVERYONE from 11am-4.30pm. It is thought to be a very busy day. All staffs were in today. Not only that, 2 extra chefs plus 2 extra staffs were hired from BA to work here also.

I was really lucky to be here today as they only have this bbq once a year.

So what do you normally see on a beach party, according to the banner?

Of course, the very first thing that comes to your mind must be a coconut tree.

Then there should be some coconuts from the coconut trees lorh.

Next, you will also see some pretty gals wearing sexy traditional costumes like this.

And, you are going to see the guys dressing up as sakai also.

Last but not least, how can you forget about the sei gau?

Did you see one near the beach? No? The one above spotted in jbc. lolz.

Okay, lets get back to the bbq party.

There were 3 stations loaded with bbq foods outside the canteen.

Then there were some salads, pastas, dunno-wat-rice and mixed fruits in the canteen servery.

And also some fruit punch and some diluted fruit juice.

Basically, it is like a buffet-style bbq session. What we did was just to stand there, watching them pick up their food, and help to refill whatever that is running low. Actually it was NOT BUSY AT ALL. Felt more sienz than the normal days.

But i had a great lunch today - a beef burger + sausage + drumstick + coleslaw + some mixed vege + a cup of mixed fruits and a cup of fruit punch.

And the great news after all was that robert text me this morning asking me to work for Morgan stanley for the following week. What do you think? Deal or Mou deal?


Khai Yong said...

hey u took pics with ur hp issit?
go work oso can take pics wan? hahah

ti3nD said...

yeah. usually we are given a 30mins lunch break. i makan for 20 mins and spent 10mins walking around and quickly snapped some pics with my hp. quite scared also when snapping haha.