Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ADV - Benefits of camping tour

The weather is good these days for the europeans. They love sun. It is the best time for them to go around europe or else where in the world for some break with the family.

I am on my way planning some trips for september break too! So i went to enquire information and details regarding touring Europe with some tour agency. I was given 2 options - a) to go with a normal tour or b) to go with camping tour.

The prices for an ordinary package holiday tour is way to expensive at this peak season! So i asked more details regarding the other options - to go with camping tour. Of course, there are a few benefits by going camping tour over traditional package holidays. Camping Europe is your choice if you are all about living it up on a budget! It helps to save money - everybody want to save money and gain maximum sights from a trip, so why not? Next, you will also get to experience life on the continent while enjoying the nature at some of the Europe's famous camping sites. You will be staying in a twin share tents if you wish, easily put up and put down. How about the food? Well, camping does not mean that you will solely depends on can food to survice, right? Swimming pools, warm showers plus lively nightlife, if these are the elements you are looking for, then camping tour is going to be your choice.

With all these benefits, i might considere a camping tour over traditional holiday package. What do you think?

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