Thursday, August 10, 2006

sem4 psd + promising future in track & field :)

Hv a tuitor-tuitees psd meeting session with dr kang today... it has been one semester since v last talk with him on psd... ermmm what do we hav to do ar? do we need to show him anything?????? all 6 of us think that PSD is the hardest subject in mpharm... even harder to pass than dd, even harder compare to pp....... de unlucky 6 include paik ling, geok ying, dianna, daphne, darren n me!

AS EXPECTED, dr kang did the talking for an entire one hour!!! he requested proves for our last sem psd projects.. he expects us to do a carry on project in this sem leh.. but none of us did.. haha.... psd is supposed to be a continuous learning in our life woh... anyway,, many of his words are very much reasonable, shal take his advices seriously.. not to let our tuitor down mah :)

afta that, today i hav a track and field selection session for pharm team.. its really glad to see that so many ppl actually turned up.. only me = yannee + shirlyn from p105, many from p106, b105, b106, even got one from b104... how come last year u guys neva join huh?????

there are like at least 6-10 ppl competing for jus one event..its rather tough for me to select the best with jus one run trial leh... i am very happie to find my gal sprinters from pharm team... finally!!!! our gal sprinters are alwiz losing from previous years.. .this year will be a total turn over..v can win!!! while on the guys side, though there isnt any real gud sprinter, but can see a balance team on 4x100m n 4x400m guys... if continue to train up, the victory shall be no wher else, bside pharm's hand!!!

* if u didnt finish ur 400m run didnt mean that u are not good k...jia you jia you :)

there will be tough trainings coming up... pls join my trainings.... work hand to hand with me, v are sure to win this year! =)

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