Thursday, August 03, 2006

class makan ;p

28 july

P105 hav a class makan sort party today, as an oppurtunity to gatherred evyone togeta n makan ;p
this is the second party v had since the first one during sem1@ fionna hse...

* thks fionna for her suggestion, all the time ;>
* thks hooi fen for organising it...

this time, v were divided into groups for cooking.. evy1 hav come up with something, from spaghetti, fried noodles, fried rice, fried chicken to sandwich, curry chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes, nuggets, red bean tong sui, longan sea coconut liong fen, fruits... :)))

my gang(qris, jian, yeaw, hsheong + me) was incharge of liong fen water.. thks thks, stupid cooperation, but fun! keke.. plus v are the game masters that nite leh... few games had been brought up afta the makan thingy.. it was so perfect to hav them at the mini pool ther.. ehhe.. but the stupid guard came and ask us to keep our voice down.. manage to keep them away by bribe them with some food.. ahha... and lucky all are sporting enuf to play my games.. ehee.. my our efforts of preparing it wasnt a waste afta all.. and for those who i promised not to let u guys get wet wan, really sowie lor when come to play IN A MINI pool.. wat do u expect arr.. eheheh :P

* didnt expect 90% of the p105iers who turned up to be so united, by wearing the same old orientation tee ahha :p

hav fun the entire nite.. great job p105 :)

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