Tuesday, August 15, 2006

happy moments are short...

14 aug

Last sat was ellie sis's 22nd bd... happie bd sista!!! stay the best u are, as alwiz! :)
Yest was carol sis's 26 bd... happie bd sista!! u oso stay the best u are leh.. heheh :)

Kinda relief when i looked at the exam question jus now... hav the 'what the...' expression when first saw the question.. the question was so familiar to me! i did the question b4 on last sat, it was EXACTLY the same to p1/01 class test! :O got to answer the test well enuf, jus that missed out some points.. afta all, CVS interpretation wasnt that scary huh? :)

but the points now are...
imu lecturers are lazy huh??? is it fair for evyone?????????? u judge it!!!!

phewww pheeewwwww hurrraayyyyy.. i cn hav a day break b4 i nid to work hard on pp dispensing test, whic is on wed :/


* im feeling terribly down... y happy n sweet moments jus dont last...? the false hope was jus fading away slowly... was kinda LOST, is this the best word to desribe myself...? was feeling sour... was confused... was upset... jus wan to stay the entire nite alone...

*pls neva judge me if u dunno me well!

cheers k :)

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