Monday, August 14, 2006

a short study break for CVS...

10 - 14 Aug

Hav had a short break of 4 days.. heheh.. it was totally meant for revision time only, as v will be having CVS interpretation test on mon..

the area for cvs is very wide..v even nid to revise back our sem1 physio on neurotransmission, sem3 pharmaco on alpha, beta adrenoceptors, Na, Ca, K pathways, COX pathway, 5-ht pathway + sem4 DD... lotsa drug names + its action to be understood n to be memorised!

beside having daily revision, hav had some great time during sat's nite.. looking forward for more sweet time like this :)

went for tkd weighing on sun.. the competition is on nex sun... saw2 of my tkd frens there, ryan n jeff.. and they are from bukit jalil sports skol..... eve ar eve, y u go invite all these national players for such a small competition arrrrr, besides inviting ATMA, malaysian armies... ??? i dun wish to meet them during the early rounds arrrrr...

now is mon, 11.30am, i really dunno wat else to study.. to say im confident n rdy for the test later, no really... to say that im scared n stressed, yeah kind of! :/

cvs test will start at 2pm later and end at 4pm... gud lucks evy1... :-)

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