Sunday, August 27, 2006

5more days to msia 49th merdeka celebration!

27 Aug

Are u loyal to your mother country, Malaysia? Are u celebrating the annual merdeka day, or jus see it as a day off for holidays?

There is this larian kemerdekaan going on at dataran merdeka today, and my family n i had turned up for this run.. its purpose is to gather ppl around for sort of like a fun run prior to pre-celebration for 49th merdeka day!! The huge response of participants showed that the spirit of individual malaysian is actually high! this run draws more than 10,000 participants! ;)

todays run is abit diff.. the distance is bout 4,5km.. as there was no competition going on, evybody jus go slow n steady.. im in a diff state today as well, 6 of us(benny,hoo, zhuon, ellie, carol n me) went all the way slowy togeta from the starting till the finishing line.. v even hav time to stop at roadside for pics.. haha :)

Afta the run, v received a cert, a plate for merdeka flag n some snacks... wah the really wanted us to put effort in showing how much v love our country leh.. v supposed to do an art work thingie in order to qualify for lucky draw later...

~ sistas n brothas ~
~ v love our country wan leh... ~
~ mens are mens! see.. v really lov our country.. negaraku! ~
~ happie family.. eve ding missing! ~
~ hundreds of pins to be putted on the plate.. -_-" ~
~ look zhuon is working hard on his flag.. ~
~ got my red colour pins ready... ~
~ and afta an hour.. the white pins were on too.. ~
~ and finally the blue pins... hmmm.. stil lacking of sumting? ~
~ the complete malaysia flag! phewwww... phew phew...:) ! ~

Afta that, got to wac some 3v3 paintball competition at really close distance.. hmmm.. anyone, paintball???

Got home, afta bath, piggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg for so many hours.. and there go my weekend... ended...

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