Friday, August 18, 2006

16+17 cont...

so afta the test, v went to PYRAMID(thks to thian for the changes hehe ;p) for a makan, for celebration of kiddo's 12th bday.. opps.. and for the relief of dispensing test...v = vbs gang(12 of us) + mei qi(9) + special guest(thian+flora+anson)...wowwww..look at how bei min v are to hsheong 21st bday lehhhhh... :)

v had our dinner at sushi king.. came back to vista n hang ard at vista b12 for a few hrs.. went to kuchai lama yam cha till 3am.. heheh.. came back to vista, afta taken bath is edy 4am.. chatted with wmeng till 5am, den wm ko, coz cant stand the mosquito, so mah went to vyeaw n hsheong to cont the chatting.. v chatted awhile n ther v go.. fall asleep!

not long afta, my alarm sounded.. its 6.05am!! i got to wake up... @_@ went to jogging with a fren...went breakfast..went for a half an hour class by anther kumar> srikumar....

later afta lecture, went dota with kim n jian.. v wanted to go since N yrs ago... but v dont hav much time... v only played for one game n v nid to rush back for vb liao... v had vb traning at serdang from 3-5pm... so many actually turned up, total there were 23 of us!!! this yr the 'semangat' flow is gotta be real high man!

At 5.30pm, i had track training pulak... not many turn up today.. thou not so happie with that.. but i was dam glad to hav discovered another potential runner today... wont reveal anymore info till the day of competition... Im more sure to win the overall by now.. nyek nyek! :)

*b4 i left vista, i saw sei fei zhu n kah yee walking back from the park.. hehee..
*the vb guys team went to UCSI for a second friendly match with them.. hope they will win back this time! gambateh guys!
*u did well for 1500m with 7min 31secs.. keep it up lur jia you! :)

got home by 10pm.... SAFEly... was relieved... tired... happie..... blurrred... nid to pig asap... muscle aching... tired... blurredd... ZzzzzzzZzzzz soundly........... @___^

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