Monday, August 21, 2006

2nd IMU tkd charity championship :)

20th aug

Do you noe that fighting in an environment where all frens are around is so so different.. i stil remember last year, during the 1st IMU tkd champ, thou didnt get to Zz enuf the last nite(cos celebrating ellie's sis 21st bd mah), but i perform well in the first 3 rds.. this year, easily i made it to the final in fly weight open...
frens n family's support defenitely make a different.. i am very sure that i perform better today than any other day...

The tkd committees are working really hard throughout organising this big event.. on the nite b4, they even came to the stadium to arrange the mat till 3am... wahhhh @_@ den nex morning, they were alredi there in the stadium when i got there by 7am!!!!! they are so dedicated.. good work eve + committees :)

Not to forget the non tkd members, so many of them actually volunteered to help out today! they hav no knowledge at all to tkd, but they are willing to help out... a very tired day of all, but thks thks for the commitment!

for this competition, eve had actually scheduled the fly weight final match as the grand final match for closing ceremony.. i went through the first 2 bouts easily.. same goes to ryan.. v finished our first 2 bouts at about 11am... n v waited for 7 hours b4 having our final match @___@ afta all, its really cool to be involved in a grand final match.. evy1's eyes are focused on the 2 of us in the ring.. evy1's hav their own stand to support either one of us in the ring.. really glad to fight ryan here, with all my frens support.. cud actually heard their cheering during the fight, thou some of them neva cheer, but i noe they are supporting me in their heart.. imu volunteers stated that they shud be neutral for this match... fighting with a national fighter with no tension at all was really great...n u wont feel tired at all as compare to anyone u cud ezily win! thou i lost 4-5 to ryan, it was a close match... a cool match for me.. once again, thks to my family n frens big support out there! :)

its the first time for PJTC(petaling jaya taekwondo club) to participate in mtf tkd championship..with only 6 participants, v brought back one gold, 2 silver n 2 bronze! well done!!!!! :)

lim ah meng called me last nite to play vb in mon's morning.. heheh.. i told him i wud rather rest... another memorable nite to remember, peace n cheers! :)


cYbeR FiSh said...

erm...ryan's cool...erm...ti3n's erm...yea,let juz settle with ryan's cool...XD 2bad,didn get the picture of jeff/nic XD

ti3nD said...

aiyah... u wan their pics i can get larrrrrrrrrrr.. they are near k, u follow me go track training weekly den might hav chance to see them FACE to face lur XD